Polizia, Camera, Action!: Blazing Magnum Screenings Presents A Day of Crime

Blazing Magnum Screenings present A Day of Crime

The poliziotteschi, or Eurocrime as it’s more commonly known, is a sub-genre of Italian cinema that rose to prominence in the late 60s and was set against a backdrop of mafia wars, political corruption and men fighting the system. The urban landscapes these films were set in was one of the few differences to the … Continue reading

Quo Vadis Europa: Jean-Luc Godard’s Film Socialisme

Film Socialisme

Godard is one of those artists who have the ability of always finding another card up their sleeves when we think that their game is already finished. Whoever said that he was spent as a film maker was wrong and Film Socialisme is the proof, says Pablo Luis González-Rueda. This is a film like no … Continue reading